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Land Rover Oil Filter Buyer's Guide

Every modern automotive internal combustion engine has an oil filter. Even though oil filters are small and disposable parts, they play a big part in keeping your Land Rover's engine in tip-top shape. This guide will teach you all about oil filters and help you get the most value when it comes to replacing the oil filter in your Land Rover.

What is an Oil Filter?

An oil filter is a small metal can with a pleated filter inside. It's situated between the engine and the oil pan. The oil goes through the filter before reaching the engine. The purpose of having an oil filter is to trap the combustion byproducts and metal debris in the oil before sending the oil back to the engine. The cleaner the oil running through the engine, the better the engine runs and the longer the engine's lifespan.

To read more about what oil filters are and how they work, check out this article: What's an Oil Filter and Why is it Important?

Replacement Oil Filters: OEM or Aftermarket?

If you take care of the oil changes in your Land Rover, you're likely the one changing the oil filter, as well. You might be wondering if it's okay to put an aftermarket oil filter in your Land Rover instead of an OEM oil filter. Using an aftermarket oil filter is actually a risky move. Aftermarket oil filters are usually low quality and they don't always last the entire interval between oil changes.

This comparison guide outlines why OEM oil filters are a much better investment than aftermarket oil filters: Are OEM Land Rover Oil Filters Better Than Aftermarket Filters?

How to Replace a Land Rover Oil Filter

Replacing your oil filter is something just about anybody could do in under 10 minutes. You just need fresh oil and a replacement oil filter before starting the replacement process. We carry genuine OEM oil filters at discounted prices, by the way. If you're wondering how to replace the oil filter in your Land Rover, we have a complete easy-to-follow tutorial for you: How to Replace a Land Rover Oil Filter

Please contact us if you have any questions about oil filters that weren't answered in this buyer's guide.