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Land Rover LR3

The Land Rover LR3 is the North American name for the Land Rover Discovery, which is a sport tour model that's smaller than the Range Rover. Because you enjoy driving your LR3, you will need some replacement parts at some point. Buy OEM Land Rover parts because they always meet the factory specifications for fit and performance.

  • Lighting System – When you step on the brakes, the brake lights tell people behind you that you are going to stop. These lights can burn out and cause a safety issue. We have replacement brake lights, turn signals and fuses.
  • Alternator – The alternator keeps the battery charged. Should you notice a loss of power, check the battery and the alternator for wear. We have alternators, batteries and starters.
  • Spark Plugs – A bad spark plug can cause your engine to misfire or prevent a cylinder from firing. You should check the plugs for wear and replace them as needed. We have plugs, wires and other electrical parts.

When you buy your OEM LR3 parts from us, you get assistance from a parts staff of Land Rover enthusiasts who will work hard to find the right part for your LR3. Shop here.