5 Reasons Why OEM Land Rover Shocks are Better Than Aftermarket Shocks

When it comes to shocks, quality means everything. Even though all shocks eventually wear out, it’s still important to outfit your Land Rover with a set of reliable shocks.

As someone looking for replacement shocks for your Land Rover, you might be wondering if it’s a good idea to save a few bucks on aftermarket shocks as opposed to OEM shocks.

While aftermarket shocks may seem like a good way to save money, they’re actually a bad investment. They may be cheap upfront, but they may cause you a number of costly problems. In other words, you get what you pay for.

Here are 5 reasons why OEM shocks are a much better investment:

1. OEM Shocks Come With a Greater Assurance of Quality

Land Rover shocks

Genuine OEM replacement shocks will work exactly as the original shocks on your Land Rover. OEM shocks’ performance and inner workings are familiar, which is not something you can say about aftermarket shocks.

Aftermarket shocks are a hit or miss in terms of quality and performance. Shocks are really important to your car's handling and ride quality, so it's pretty risky to install a set of shocks without a guaranteed assurance of quality.

2. OEM Shocks are Built to OE Specs

Land Rover has many different variations of its shocks. It’s because each model is designed differently, and no two models weigh exactly the same. So if you get a set of OEM shocks for your Land Rover model, the shocks will fit your car perfectly as they’re built to handle your car’s weight.

Many aftermarket shocks are built with universal fitment. That means aftermarket shocks may not fit your Land Rover well and they won’t manage the suspension correctly. For example, if you install aftermarket shocks designed for sedans on your Land Rover, the shocks won’t be able to manage the extra weight of the vehicle and the wheels. If you install aftermarket shocks designed for heavy duty pickup trucks, your Land Rover will be too light for the shocks to really absorb anything. As a result, the ride quality will be very stiff.

There are many complaints online from Land Rover owners who installed aftermarket shocks. They complain about poor fitment, worse ride quality, and shock leaks. An Amazon reviewer wrote that their aftermarket front shocks started leaking only three weeks after installation.

3. OEM Shocks are Easy to Find

All you need is the right part number. You can easily find it by looking up your Land Rover model here.

When you shop for aftermarket shocks, you have to spend a lot of time assessing the quality, fitment, warranty, prices, reputation, etc. of different brands.

4. OEM Shocks Come With a Warranty


Land Rover offers a great 12-month warranty on all of its genuine OEM products, including shocks. So if for some reason your shocks go bad within a year of installation, you’ll get to have them replaced for free.

You can’t say the same about most, if not all, aftermarket shocks. To keep costs down, aftermarket manufacturers tend to sell parts without a warranty. This especially rings true for shocks, which are pretty expensive to manufacture. Even if an aftermarket manufacturer offers a warranty, there’s still no guarantee that they’ll honor it if the time comes. An Amazon user learned this the hard way. They wrote in their review: “[Not] even 2,000 miles later, one of [my aftermarket shocks] goes out. No one year warranty like it said in the paperwork.”

5. OEM Shocks are Not Necessarily Expensive

A lot of people decide to save money upfront on aftermarket shocks because Land Rover dealerships charge an insane markup for OEM shocks. Here’s a secret: you don’t have to visit a dealership to get OEM replacement shocks. You can just order them online for much less money.

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